In its history the Bravery Award Council has presented 12 Gold, 86 Silver and 329 Bronze medals. In accordance with section 3 of the Deeds of bravery Act 1947, the Council may make an award under this Act only if the deed was performed on or after the 4th day of July 1945, and either:

  • in the State, or
  • at sea by a member of a crew ship registered in the State, or
  • outside the State by a person giving assistance to a member of the crew of, or a passenger in, an aircraft or a ship Registered in the State.

Award types

  • Letter of Commendation
  • Certificate of Bravery
  • Certificate of Bravery Memorial (if deceased)
  • Bronze Medal and Certificate
  • Memorial Bronze Medal and Certificate (if deceased)
  • Silver Medal and Certificate
  • Memorial Silver Medal and Certificate (if deceased)
  • Gold Medal and Certificate (English Version/Irish Version)
  • Memorial Gold Medal and Certificate (if deceased) (English Version/Irish Version)

Table of medals and certificates awarded since 1947

Gold Medals & Certificates 12
Silver Medals & Certificates 86
Bronze Medals & Certificates 329
Certificates 1554
Letters of Commendation 53

Comhairle Na Míre Gaile (Deed of Bravery) Medal

The Council of the Comhairle na Míre Gaile decided to strike a Meritorious Medal for members of the public/organisations who had performed a deed of bravery.


Gold Medal


Silver Medal


Bronze Medal


The centre piece on the Medal is a figure of a man holding a shield and sword with what appears to be wings behind him with the words “mír gaile as gniom tarrtála”.


The reverse side is inscripted with the words “Ar na bronnad ag Comairle na Mire Gaile ar … (Name) (awarded by the Comhairle and Míre Gaile to … (Name). There is also a single Laurel branch suitably worked into the bottom left hand side of the medal.


The Ribbon for the Gold medal is Green and White Stripes; for the Silver medal it is Red and White stripes and for the Bronze medal it is Blue and White stripes.